So what’s a Juicy Lucy anyway?

Simply put, it’s a cheese stuffed burger. The whole thing originated in a
Minnesota diner in the 50’s where a customer ordered a cheeseburger but
wanted the cheese stuffed inside the patty rather than placed on top of
the patty.

Every month we will honor this great man with our Juicy Lucy
of the Month. Ask your server or check out the blackboard for this
month’s Juicy Lucy. Juicy Lucy’s will not be cooked well done and
can contain extremely hot cheese. Please be advised!
Cooked until cheese starts to run out. Cannot be cooked beyond medium well.

This Month's Juicy Lucy of the Month:

Asiago Crunch Burger
topped with asiago cheese, fresh homemade potato chips,
sour cream and onion dip, and fresh spring green onions.

Cowboy Bacon Burger
Rubbed in our Cowboy Coffee Rub (ancho chili, coffee, brown sugar), stuffed and topped with White American Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, our Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Spicy Lucy Gone Wild Sauce

Freedom Juicy Lucy
Stuffed with American cheese and pick any toppings from
“Create your own Burger” toppings

All Juicy Lucy’s are stuffed with white American Cheese. Once the cheese starts to ooze out they are taken off the grill. These burgers are likely to have red in them. If you order these above Medium they are not guaranteed to have cheese on the inside.

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